Case Studies

Focus Data have had the opportunity to work around the globe solving and improving process, automation, performance and productivity in the use of data to tackle business challenges and improve interaction, liaison and management between business, law enforcement and compliance.

CASE STUDY 1 – Automation enables business aspiration

This communications services provider was managing 100,000 requests per annum and was seeking to balance speed of provision with data security.

A key driver was flexibility to ensure the organisation could respond to:

  • a constantly changing internal technical environment
  • a rapidly developing commercial market driving new products
  • evolving Government policies
  • the day-to-day demands of operational law enforcement needs.

Focus Release Manager was integrated with middleware to automate 90% of data requests using 53 different service definitions. The aim was to improve productivity, effectiveness and increase the transparency of workload and resource requirements.

Following its successful deployment, the company now has a cost of compliance that is less than half of other networks locally.

CASE STUDY 2 – National security is assured

A Police Force of a country ranked 14th in the world for murder rates installed our system to facilitate evidence and intelligence gathering across all telecommunications providers. The burden on telecommunications staff was becoming untenable and there were mounting fears for their safety as they became an increasingly integral part of Police operations. Focus was asked to automate the handling of Law Enforcement Agency requests.

The solution implemented by Focus removed all staff involvement, consequently reducing overall costs for the organisation, whilst guaranteeing the security of its staff. Focus undertakes all administration and monitoring of the service on a 24/7 basis.

The installation was completed within eight weeks and integrated with local police and other agencies’ systems to provide a national solution.

CASE STUDY 3 – System handles complexity with ease

Focus Data was brought in to help this company manage an increasing volume of requests for data from Law Enforcement Agencies and to improve its capability to process the many varied formats in which the requests were made.

The main challenge was to integrate call detail records from three different networks, integrate the service with four Customer Relationship Management systems, manage the complexity of data time zones, guarantee future capacity and ensure compliance with a legislative system that is largely warrant and subpoena based. Security was also a key consideration which meant encryption and air-gap provision was essential.

Focus Data was chosen to provide the solution against stiff competition because of the flexibility of its system to receive and log requests over secure connections or via a web browser and because it could connect with numerous systems to retrieve the requested data.

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