Disclosure Management

Subpoena and Warrant Compliance

Communications data is now a vital tool in law enforcement and public safety. Data is used for a variety of purposes to enhance detection and conviction rates by:

  • locating missing persons and suspects
  • identifying and linking suspects
  • demonstrating the logistics of a crime.
  • corroborating or discrediting alibis and statements
  • revealing criminal networks, gang structures and associations.

Responding to requests for data about customers from law enforcement places an endless demand on resources. Lives may depend on swift and accurate responses while strict compliance to legislation is essential if risk of penalties is to be avoided.

Our powerful automated system allows a company to quickly receive and log subpoenas, warrants and other demands; automatically retrieve raw data from back-end systems and the format it for release to the LEA. Compliance to legislation and policy can be enforced consistently and requests for information fulfilled within minutes with structured automation.

Focus has developed a suite of products. Each product can be used on a stand-alone basis or combined to form an end-to-end management solution.

Focus112 is a proven system for managing requests from Law Enforcement and Public Safety Answering Points that has been developed over 14 years to deliver:

  • Automation of 80 to 90% of requests and reduced risk of non-compliance.
  • Manual workflows for remaining 10 to 20% to track demands and monitor staff productivity.
  • Timely delivery of responses.
  • Integration with all back-end systems.
  • Automation of requests into uniform responses.
  • Streamlined case management giving accountability, de-duplication and reduced processing costs per case.
  • Document management in a single place for visibility and control.
  • Increased revenue capture.
  • Enhanced reporting functionality for cost efficiency analysis.
  • Control of staffing levels.
  • Security and auditability.
  • Management Reporting
  • Invoicing where costs can be recovered.

Focus112 helps to balance the conflicting duties of assisting law enforcement, ensuring customer privacy and protecting your organisation. Be it for Law Enforcement Relations/Disclosure, Subpoena Compliance, Public Safety Access Point (PSP), Emergency Services,  to support Anti-terrorist, life at risk,  cyber-crime, cyber-security, tracking, tracing, live location, e-discovery, etc.  Focus Release is deployed for its desired purpose.

A suite of products has been designed to alleviate the pressures associated with data release in dynamic situations. Each product can be used on a stand-alone basis or combined to form an end-to-end management solution.


Focus112 Release Manager receives and logs requests before automatically retrieving the required data and dispatching the response. Agencies are restricted to making requests for data to which they are legally entitled.

Focus112 Interface Manager can connect to live networks and extract real-time data from back end systems including Ab initio, Oracle, Netezza, Terradata and SQL.

Focus112 Retention Store is a multi terrabyte data warehouse which can store up to 2 petabytes of data to allow you to quickly access information and fulfill requests.

The suite of products can be provided as a managed service, software as a service (SaaS), as a Bureau, cloud bases or deployed on premise.